As a young teen, Tyler played baseball at North Venice Little League. So, when the league needed money to help renovate its batting cages, the Foundation was more than happy to provide $5,000 toward that effort. Today, the cages are known as the Tyler Skaggs Batting Cages.


This year, the Tyler Skaggs Baseball Foundation is sponsoring two student-athletes from St. Monica’s Catholic Church on a mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya. The students are part of a larger student group that will spend two weeks in Nairobi at Holy Cross Dandora Catholic Parish and St. James Primary School, supporting the church’s and schools’ efforts in the areas of spiritual growth, education and health care.


The Tyler Skaggs Baseball Foundation is sponsoring a travel team of 12-year old athletes called the TIDE whose members played in the North Venice Little League to compete in the weeklong Youth Baseball Nationals tournament this summer in Reno. The TIDE program challenges their players to overcome adversity and build their skills both on and off the diamond. These players represent the dedication that Tyler often spoke to young people about. The foundation paid the team’s $7,000 entry fee for the tournament, greatly helping reduce costs for the families involved.

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